08 January, 2009

School, school!

I got in 4 Azam! Boo! D:
1st of all, I don't deserve that class, I got frickin' 7As. -.-
And 2nd, not many people that I'm friends with, is in there.
I got Aqif, Puteri, Ashley and that's about it.
I asked for a class switch kat Puan Tan.

Dia kate, "Cikgu sbenarnye randomize the people masok dlm class mane, class mane. Sbb tu ade 8A yg masok 4B/4C/4D, so, no changing!". o.o

But oh well, I'm thankful yg kte dpt cikgu-cikgu yg bleh tahan.
But DAMN was I bored today. Serious bosan.
But meh, who am I to complain.. Anyone wanna switch classes to 4A? :P