26 February, 2009

First Five

I'm gonna start as the first five for the basketball match against Sek. 2! :D
I DO feel nervous, but I guess it'll all go away tomorrow.
Tapi, coach kate, "Jgn bagi telur tu pecah" and "If you guys can make the real first five stay at the bench for the whole game, you guys are good".

By "Telur" he meant the score. xD

Soo.. wish me luck tomorrow? =)

23 February, 2009

Start Over

Don't you just wish you could just turn back time, just start over?
New friends, new enemies, new.. everything.
Though I don't regret any of the mistakes I've made.
I really wish I could just.. start over. =|

I wish I was 13 again.
Time really does fly~

I got 98 for Add Maths, yipeee! HAHA! :P

AND 98 for Maths too.
"Woohooohooo", bak kate Syaza. xP

21 February, 2009


Bosan. :D

16 February, 2009

Short And Sweet

Izzat says:
Izzat says:
"nice to know guys liek you exist ;D"

What do you mean by that?

' hana says:
' hana says:
i thought guys yg mcm
' hana says:
innocent, naive, tak pernah cpl, tak pnggl pmpn pet names
' hana says:
dah pupus (:

Izzat says:
Izzat says:
Izzat says:

Hana can just be so funny at times. :P
"innocent, naive, tak pernah cpl, tak pnggl pmpn pet names", I'll remember these words.
Thanks Hana! You made my day. Haha. xD

14 February, 2009

Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day, I went to an orchestra concert. Wooo! Skipped the Bestarithon thingy. But meh, I was satisfied with the concert.
The art work we did was displayed, and I was really, really happy with it.

In other news,
This Tuesday dah ade test, I didn't study AT ALL.
I don't even the jadual for the tests! Sibuk sgt buat mural. =S

And btw,
Happy Valentine's Day! ;P

Thanks for making me smile everyday,
And always being there for me,
Thank you and Happy Valentine's Day.


Arrow kiri tiga tiga tiga, Izzat xD

05 February, 2009


I lost my phone and wallet. Yipeee! -.-

Slamat phone Izzat tuu noob jek, but all the numbers dlm tuu, hilang ah.
Wallet xde duit, xde IC sume. So, slamat. Ade kunci umah jek, tapi TAU sbenarnye umah Izzat kat ne.

If anyone has any idea where my phone and/or wallet is, please, inform me.

For the time being, messages via phone shall not be replied. (Obviously) >.<

02 February, 2009


Somebody kill me before the teachers do. -.-
Homework satu bende pown x sentuh lagi, nice lah.
Itulah "Izzat"!

Hope I make it out alive tomorrow. >.<