12 June, 2009


Sorry for kinda disappearing since my last post. It's just that, I don't wtf to talk about. ><

The holiday I've spent the last two weeks can simply be described in 1 word, "Mehhh". Bosan gileee kot.
Mkn, tido, mkn tido, lepak umah kwn, kluar, bgn pkol 1 ptg. I need something new! Asyik bende same jek buat setiap hari. Boleh jadi gile tau tak?
Serious ohh, pnah skali tu Izzat terfikir nk stab org.. multiple times. Pastu drag dia masok air, and let him/her/it die. >.<
I'm on my way into becoming a psychopath! FEAR ME! :D

Sooo.. sape yg nk volunteer jadi my victim? =)