16 December, 2008


I've always had people ask me, "Izzat! Amcm holiday ko? Best?"

Selalunyee, jwpnnye "Bosan oo". But for some reason, tahun ni punye holiday mcm best.
I made new friends, and it's almost like I'm busy everyday.
Soo, I wanna take this opportunity to thank all my friends yg bwat holiday ni best gile.

*In other news*
Tadi pegi skolah, tolong Ckg. Nizam! Besttt. :D
Pd mereka² yg rase mcm bosan ke ape holiday ni, dtg² lah skolah, tgk kami bekerje ye?
Mcm buruh, best! Dx

I was bored and I searched for the baseball scene from Twilight.

Twilight baseball scene

Nazmi kate best gile, thought I'd see it. Mmg best pown! =)